Funky Soap

The Funky Soap mission is simple: To use the power and simplicity of nature to cleanse, soothe, heal and protect your skin. Funky Soap Shop originated in the heart of London dedicated to crafting high quality, healthy and effective skin and hair care products that will nourish your skin and be kind to our planet. 

Funky Soap Shop has been making and selling handmade soaps from a small market stall for many years. During the last few years they decided to offer them to a wider audience and the company has grown from there. Now they have a small workshop in East London.

All of the Funky Soap products are made from only 100% natural ingredients. They use pure oils and butters and the cold process method to create all of the products and only use fresh ingredients such as berries, carrot and banana.

Most of the Funky Soap products are suitable for Vegans and only a small number of soaps contain milk or honey. They are clearly described as vegetarian. Their products are about self-care, self-confidence, wellness and well-being. 

The formulas Funky Soap creates are unique. They are designed using knowledge from research and ingredients derived from nature. These natural skin and hair care products contain nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, no GMO’s, just wholesome natural ingredients that will nourish the skin and be kind to our planet. Shop Funky Soap products at Eco & Earth today!