About Eco & Earth


At Eco and Earth, we're committed to discovering and sourcing the world's finest products which are organic, environmentally and ecologically responsible.

You'll find that our body care products are sourced from responsible manufacturers, each of whom share our same commitment.  

Our body, bath, and face suppliers give back to eco-friendly causes and support women's and girls’ education and advancement globally.

In addition, our apparel line is sourced 100% in the USA.  We believe that we should invest in the American worker as well.

 You'll find that we've discovered some innovative fabrics including organic cotton and bamboo.  

It is this sort of innovative approach to eco-friendly sourcing that qualifies our vendors and brands to be a part of the Eco and Earth team.

You'll find that all of these fabrics are comfortable, wear well, and are uniquely stylish.

We thank you for your business and are always looking for new suppliers and customers who share our vision.