OntkOrganix is reef-safe and family friendly! Non-nano Zinc Oxide is the main, active ingredient in all of the OntkOrganix Sun Care. Concentrated formula - a little goes a long way - seriously! These 100% organic sun care products stay on you while being active in the water.

Christie, the creator and founder of OntkOrganix, grew up in Lake Erie, that at one time, was considered toxic and highly polluted. In fact, when she was in her thirties, she discovered because of that toxic lake, she had high levels of mercury in her body. It's an awful fact that much of our waters of the Earth have been polluted.

When moving to Maui, she discovered issues with the coral reefs right across the street from where she was living. They were dying. It had to to with toxic chemicals in major sunscreen brands being sold everywhere. So, she created her own non-toxic sunscreen. Da' Balm was born in 2016. OntkOrganix uses organic ingredients with the main SPF ingredient being Non-nano Zinc oxide, which along with being Reef Safe, is also non-toxic to humans. (The particles are too large to penetrate the blood stream.)

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