Balade en Provence

Passionate by nature, organic food, natural ingredients, we were also worried about the way we treated our planet. When working on our first skincare products four years ago, we were surprised that even our richest and most concentrated hand creams contained over 60% water. We quickly discovered that most shampoos and shower gels contain over 80% of water, often much more. Trucks, boats, planes carrying water based products packed in plastic bottles, this did not make sense to us. Plus, bacterias strive in water, which then forces laboratories to add chemicals in the formulas. So we decided to change the way we think about beauty. The products that you can see on our website are the result of personal frustration over the wastage of energy, unnecessary pollution, and a determination to make a positive impact not only to our skin, to our mind, but also our planet. We make premium Solid skincare bars that are genuinely nasty free, truly natural and good for our bodies, packaged in 100% compostable cartons (using vegetable ink) , and that consume less energy to make.

We do not sell water or plastic, we provide 100% goodness! 

We are so proud of what we do now, we speak with our heart, our passion, we improve our products every day, and we love it. Nothing can stop us. We attract talented people equally passionate about our mission who want to help us. Talent that the best multinationals can not attract. Suppliers that genuinely want to help us. Retailers and distributors that don't treat us as a vendor, but as innovators.

We do good, we make a positive impact on our world. We generate inner and outside beauty. Welcome to the world of Balade en Provence.