Supplier Profiles - Svati Organics

Supplier Profiles - Svati Organics

We value our suppliers and they are invaluable partners in helping us to select and bring you only the finest eco-friendly and organic products.

This week we want to highlight Svati Organics. A supplier of exclusively organic products who supports underprivileged girls education efforts in India.

We thank Svati and their efforts to make the world a better place. Svati Organics began with a belief in their responsibility to help and support our fellow humans – to lift, inspire, and love one another. This is the heart of Svati: a deep love, respect, and commitment for our Earth and its inhabitants. In 2014 founder, Lindsay Wolf traveled to Southern India to volunteer at a Homes of Hope all-girls orphanage.

This experience profoundly impacted Lindsay’s life and planted the seed of what is now Svati Organics. The connection she felt with the girls was immediate. While they had come from different cultures, spoke different languages, and practiced different religions, Lindsay formed lasting relationships built on love, kindness, and respect.

Upon returning home, the seed began to grow as she thought of how to support and empower these girls and other women throughout the world. Inspired to start a business as a force for good, Lindsay utilized her expertise as a Clinical Aromatherapist and a student of Ayurveda to craft a luxury non-toxic skincare collection to help empower women worldwide.

By formulating with high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, and supporting women’s cooperatives and fair-trade initiatives, Svati’s positive impact reaches far beyond leaving your skin beautiful and renewed. Lindsay often says “I believe lasting change starts small–at the individual level. Through self-care and conscious skincare, we can change the world together!”

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