Why You Should Use All-Natural Deodorants

If you’re looking for a great, effective alternative to the everyday antiperspirant, it may be time to switch over to natural products. Utilizing natural ingredients has been continuously emphasized through the food industry, but it’s slowly taking over the beauty world because people are demanding better quality from brands. 

Aluminum-Free – Why is aluminum a problem for people? Well, although the goal is to keep your under arms dry, that may not be the case. The aluminum essentially swells the area where the deodorant is applied, not allowing it to come to the surface. Aside from that, there have been studies that show it may contribute to breast cancer in women because of the over-exposure of aluminum. 

No Synthetic Fragrance – With chemically-made deodorants, there is endless possibility with the mixes of fragrances they can use at their leisure. Essentially, they can create any scent they want, even the most outlandish ones that resemble a bouquet of flowers or a basket of fruit.  The natural fragrances that smell live lavender, vanilla, peppermint, etc. are made from that just that, those organically grown plants.

Improve Health – When you switch over into using natural deodorant, your body has to adjust at whatever pace is most comfortable. During that time, you may notice a particular odor that is unfamiliar. However, according to Reader's Digest, this is just your body’s way of going through the detox process.

Effective – There are still effective ways to kill the bacteria that smells without having all the synthetic ingredients swelling and trapping all the sweat inside your body. After the initial detox stage, that will take some time, you should see a difference in the normal body odor that is secreted through your armpits.

If you’ve decided that it’s time for you to make the switch but you’re unsure of how to do that, there are a few ways to “detox” your armpits to make sure they are ready to adjust to a full-natural deodorant. Raw Beauty Natural & Vegan Aluminum-Free Deodorant – This chemical-free deodorant will have your armpits fresh and dry all day long, and comes in various scents made from natural ingredients.

Eco & Earth 

The finest products in the world that are made organically and environmentally can be found in our shop. Everything in our repertoire is resourced from responsible manufacturers that share the same passion for our commitment to global advancement and education for women. We cherish everyone who has happened upon our business and shares our vision. If you have any questions about our company and who we are, fill out our Contact Us form.

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