Un-Junk Your Beauty Routine

We’ve all seen her, that impossibly radiant girl with the lit-from-within skin and shining hair. Whatever it is she’s using, we want to use it, too! But when we ask what her magical products are, she says, “Oh, I buy everything from a little organic market stall when I visit London” or “I stock up on the local products at the corner druggist when I’m in Europe” or “There’s this amazing moisturizer my grandmother send me - but I’ve never seen the products here in the states”... And that’s when we wish that we, too, could travel the world, finding the very best of everything. Eco & Earth has done just that, constantly seeking out the finest products curated from the cleanest, most sustainable companies across the globe! We’ve made them easily available right here in the U.S., so get ready to replace the unhealthy, ineffective products in your skincare and beauty routines and elevate your fashion game with options that are always kind to our planet.

Where to start?
If you’ve been wanting to un-junk your beauty routine, here are some ingredients to scan your labels for and pitch (don’t forget to recycle their containers!):

Petroleum by-products are a vast group of ingredients, but you can easily target their common beauty product forms by looking for mineral oil, petrolatum, and paraffins. These are all ingredients that are created from petroleum (crude oil) and then refined and used in countless cosmetic and skin care products.  They are inexpensive and typically serve to coat the skin and trick you into thinking a product is moisturizing or hydrating.  They also pose a health risk! Per a review done by The Environmental Working Group, 22% of tested products that contain petroleum-based ingredients were contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, which has been shown to be carcinogenic in animal studies and potentially carcinogenic in humans - and this concerning contaminant readily penetrates the skin.
Petroleum-based products are bad for the Earth, potentially harmful for you, and they don’t actually improve your skin, so they have no business being in your Funky Soap Green Beautychapstick, moisturizer, soaps, lotion, eye cream, etc! You can replace those products with more responsibly formulated brands - like one of our absolute favorites, Funky Soap.  This hip, East London brand uses pure oils and butters along with other natural ingredients to create skin-friendly soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lip balms, and body butters. Almost all of their offering is vegan and all of it comes in minimal, recyclable packaging! 
To help you get a jumpstart on un-junking your bathroom counter, take advantage of all of our Earth Day celebration flash sales !

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