Shampoo Bars and Shaving Bars - How do You Use Them?

Shampoo Bars and Shaving Bars - How do You Use Them?

A completely natural shampoo that’s also free of wasteful packaging? That’s certainly something to get excited about, but your next thought is likely, “How in the world do I use a shampoo bar?” This is a very frequent question we get, but fear not because we are here to walk you through the process! 

In a traditional shampoo (or even some mainstream brands’ shampoo bars - !), lather is provided by the addition of sulfates and their brethren. A properly natural shampoo bar doesn’t have these lathering additions, so you’ll need to work up a lather on your own. You can use just your hands and friction, employ a loofah, or grab a soft body brush to start working up a beautiful, healthy lather. This lather is what you then apply to your hair.

Now that you have a pile of lather, scoop some up and use your fingers to rake it into your hair, right down to your scalp. If your hair is particularly long or thick, section it out to ensure you’re able to get a great clean everywhere. It may be helpful to draw imaginary horizontal lines that will wrap around the crown of your head, again at the top of your ears, and once more from the underside of your hairline at the nape of your neck.

Once the lather has been distributed, gently work it into your hair and scalp in the direction your hair grows. Long hair likely doesn’t need much attention down the length or ends as the scalp is where hair tends to get oily and or dirty.

Now that your hair has been properly agitated to lift up dirt and oil, it’s time to rinse. A natural shampoo bar doesn’t quickly rinse away, so be diligent about properly rinsing. Sectioning the hair out during the rinse is a great way to ensure the soap has been removed all the way down to the scalp, as is raking your fingers through and lightly massaging the scalp as you rinse. Both thicker and long hair should always be treated to an extra thorough rinse at the bottom of the hairline/nape of the neck from underneath.

You can now revel in your clean, healthy hair and move on to conditioning, if you’d like! We’re currently loving the Funky Soap Tea Tree and Neem Oil shampoo bar to help wash away the sunscreen/chlorine/salt water/UV assault that a well-lived summer brings to our hair. You can find it here or explore our other fantastic bars here.

Shaving Bars

Seeing a shaving bar may instantly prompt images of an old-timey barber with aBalade en Provence Orange Blossom Shaving Soap stiff brush, whipping up a little tin of foam. But a shaving bar doesn’t need to be an elaborate process and is perfect for everyday use! Just grab your bar, lather up, and shave away! It’s the perfect, skin-friendly addition to your new green clean, clean routine. Can’t decide where to start? Try indulging in the scent we’re loving for summer by ordering Balade en Provence’s Orange Blossom Shaving Soap.



Written by Danielle Gatto 


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