How to Use a Solid Perfume

Think back to your best summertime memories and we bet you can vividly remember the gorgeous smells of blooming flowers, salty air, sunscreen, and grilling out. Smell is so interconnected to our daily lives and, especially, our memories. That’s why one whiff of a familiar perfume or cologne can bring you rocketing back to days gone by!  But perfumes and colognes are often filled with phthalates and other chemicals that aren’t friendly to your skin or your lungs. Thankfully, healthful companies are creating gorgeous scents you can enjoy without worrying about what’s hidden behind “trade secret” or “fragrance” ingredients. 

One of the most convenient ways to experience these responsibly created scents is in solid perfume and cologne balms. A perfume balm? Yes! And it couldn’t be easier to use - and to perfectly control the level of scent - because as grandma would say, “A scent is to be discovered, not announced”. 

Essential oils are blended into a combination of wax and oils to form a scented solid. So in order to apply, you only need to press your warm fingers onto the balm just long enough to warm it up and transfer it to your fingers. Then gently press it wherever you’d like the scent to linger. 

While a traditional spray perfume is usually sprayed directly onto the body, or creatively spritzed into the air and run/twirled through, a perfume balm can be strategically dabbed behind your ears to give a soft scent when you turn your head. 

Running your hands lightly through your hair is another gorgeous way to play with the scent. 

Dabbing the balm on the inside of the wrists is a tried and true method, but applying it instead to the inside of your elbows is an easier way to ensure your favorite perfume won’t be washed away at the sink or altered by the scent of a hand soap. 

Experiment with swiping a little across the tops of your feet as they enjoy the summer sun and open footwear. 

Perfume balms can also be used on your cuticles or other dry areas due to their moisturizing properties!

If you want to fall in love with your closet, dab a little balm to hidden areas of your clothes (pro tip: fabrics hold scent longer than skin, so scent your outfit if your skin has a habit of disappearing your perfume!). 

Repurpose a plastic drink lid by adding a little balm to it and stashing it under the seat of your car to enjoy an amazing scent while you’re out and about. 

Pick up a tiny salt shaker and apply a bit of perfume balm inside it to make an easily hidden air freshener for your bathroom, a cabinet, or any other area you’d like to fragrance. 

Funky Soap Lea Solid Perfume BalmAre you ready to make the jump to perfume balms? Eco & Earth has several scents in stock from our fan favorite, Funky Soap, including the Lea scent, which smells like a perfect summer’s night filled with jasmine!

Written by Danielle Gatto

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