How to Detox from Chemical Deodorant

How to Detox from Chemical Deodorant

If you feel that it’s time for you to switch over to a natural deodorant alternative, congratulations! There are so many benefits to switching to an all-natural deodorant. When your body is constantly filled with toxins from chemically-made deodorants, it absorbs everything into the skin, preventing toxins from properly cleansing. With a natural alternative, you’ll have your armpits smelling fresh, staying dry, and feeling great!

Initial Signs 

One of the first signals that you’re going through the cleansing process is the smell from your armpits will not be the odor that you are used to experiencing. If you think about all the chemicals and toxins you’ve been putting into your armpits for many years, you can imagine how much your body has to unload for proper detoxing.

Regardless of the deodorant that is used throughout this process, your body is releasing the odor that had built up inside for years. Allow everything to naturally leave the body before you dismiss the effectiveness of natural alternatives. Sweating is a natural reaction for the body, embrace it!

How Can You Help the Process Along?

There are holistic ways to help remedy many things like sicknesses, and injuries, and even ridding your body of toxins. The most beneficial first step is drinking more water! Nothing flushes out toxins quite like water does, so drink up! Along with that, changing your diet not only helps with internal health like digestion, but it can also improve your skin and natural body odor.

Committing to a lifestyle change will make you feel and smell better as you go through this transition. If you kick your sweating into overdrive, it’ll rid your body of the toxins much quicker. Of course, you’ll need to replenish your body with water to promote a healthy cleanse, but sweating is the body’s way of naturally purging itself.

You Can Do More Than Switching Deodorant 

If you want to take things one step further than just detoxifying your armpits and reducing body odor, overall changes to your daily lifestyle will only benefit you long-term. 

  • Wear Clothes Made from Natural Fibers
  • Drink More Water
  • Mind Your Diet
  • Exfoliate to Drain Lymph Nodes

Eco & Earth

We only select the highest quality products for our company to promote safe and effective alternatives for our clients. Shopping for cosmetics, hair and skincare, bath and body items with Eco & Earth is another step toward reducing the environmental impact we produce daily. If you’re looking to dip your toes into self-care products by transitioning from chemical to natural alternatives, we can help with that. If you want to get started, visit our store here

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