6 Must-Do Actions You Can Take To Make This A Cleaner World

6 Must-Do Actions You Can Take To Make This A Cleaner World

Another day, another toxin! It seems like everywhere you turn nowadays there is something out there destroying our environment: chemicals dropped into our air, another contaminant found in drinking water, a new source of pollution in our oceans. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to live in a cleaner world!

What can we do about it? Even if you live a green life, you can take steps to make your home and your community even more sustainable. Every small step you take brings us closer to that ultimate goal of preserving our planet, but you can’t do it alone.

We need to become more immersed in our communities to lead and guide others to pick up the baton. Here are 6 key actions you can take to make the world around you cleaner and how to do them.

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6 Steps Toward a Cleaner World

1. Teaching Your Loved Ones

Ok, let’s face it: there’s probably someone in your family who thinks you go too far with “green thing.” So how you do share what you know with the people you care about?

First of all, keep in mind there are always going to be people who you won’t be able to get on board. Focus instead on loved ones who have supported you in the past. What’s most critical about teaching them about green living is to remain judgment-free when sharing what’s important to you.

Rather than getting into a debate that can quickly turn heated, talk casually about the things you did when you first started your journey of going green. Share the positive, unexpected results that fit in with the conversation. Be passionate and compassionate when talking about how our kids deserve a cleaner world in the future.

For example, don’t dismiss the new mom who enjoys a really long hot shower or bath a few times a week. That may be her only time for self-care! Instead, offer her solutions that can improve her health, post-natal recovery, or even drop off a homemade bath bomb or nipple to make her day. Emphasize that it’s safe for baby!

Here are some more ideas: If you have a friend discussing how her child battles with eczema, share how using natural laundry detergent or a homemade remedy can make a difference. Or, if it’s a holiday or food-centered event, cook your most mouth-watering organic or vegan recipe for everyone to try. You can even discuss how you’ve reduced your expenses by being more conscious of electricity and water usage.

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2. Encouraging Your Neighbors

The key is to show others that you can still live a full and enjoyable life even when making changes to support a cleaner world. To that end, you can actually be neighborly. Take this as an opportunity to inspire the people who live near you. How? This might require thinking outside the box a bit but look for opportunities while still maintaining a positive approach.

First, bring them a gift…but not just any gift. Give them something that can help kickstart their green journey. For example, an easy-to-care-for plant that can feed them, like herbs or tomatoes. Or drop off a healing balm or homemade nontoxic hand lotion.

The key is to pick something that is easy to create, comes with instructions, and – hopefully – is wickedly indulgent! When adding instructions, they should include how to make or care for this product as well as what to do next.

Finally, make it pretty. Everybody loves a beautiful package so show your skills in upcycling to create a gift they can’t wait to open!

 3. Presenting at Local Events

Reaching out a little further into your community, look for opportunities to speak locally. Would your school consider hosting a presentation on climate change? Is there a local community event, perhaps at a local library, school, or health center?

Every year, one of my town’s middle schools hosts a fundraiser sale and they host health awareness presentations for kids at the same time. Additionally, there are several holistic health centers that run events and presentations, as do our regional representatives. Consider setting up a training event on clean living, green practices, or even unjunking your beauty products.

4. Reaching Out To Companies

Even if you can’t host an event for local companies, you can reach out to small businesses to see if you can help them to make more green choices. Before you do, do your due diligence first. Companies may only be interested if you can save them money at the same time as branding them as a caring company.

You can also host a useful community event. For example, work with your local providers to designate a day for recycling electronics. Or do a presentation on “tips to go green,” inviting local businesses.

Working together for a cleaner world

5. Talking To Your Legislators

Now many of you might think the best way to create change is with a good, old-fashioned protest. While protesting can be a useful tool from time to time, there are other effective ways to reach your environmental goals – and that starts with getting to know your local elected officials personally.

You can start with letters, yes, but you can also call them and make arrangements to discuss any local issues that might be putting a burden on your environment, like unregulated or illegal pollution or a local ecosystem in crisis.

Before you do that, meet with your local environmental advocacy groups. These groups tend to need support in terms of “boots on the ground” volunteers and will often have an action plan in place. They will also know where your legislators stand and how to approach them.

6. Support Businesses and Technologies Working for a Cleaner World

You probably already “vote with your dollar” by supporting eco-conscious brands but have you thought about going a step further? The thought of investing may make you nervous but there are many small companies that need both investors and crowdfunding.

If you are looking to invest, seek an investment management company with a low buy-in, reasonable fees, and transparency as well as a company that allows you to select the areas you purchase. One that is currently available is OpenInvest, which invests your money into several key areas of social and environmental responsibility depending on your preferences.

One word of caution: these investment firms can go out of business quickly so keep that in mind when you working with them 

Right now, this planet may be a toxic place to live but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Use your passion for green living to make the world a bit cleaner with these tips. By spreading the message and putting your money with your heart is, you can make an important for future generations!

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